Ethnic Superiority.

I wanted to make a brief statement about the nature of this blog after some previous comments. In no way do I believe in superiority of one race to another. Some comments on my last posts–that I have since removed–stated explicitly that non-Whites are inferior, whether or not that is true is none of my concern; finding that out  is not the purpose of this blog, I am simply here to present previous research in economics relating to ethnic inequality. Personally, (and I will try to limit my personal opinions here, but I guess, in truth, anything that isn’t a citation is a personal opinion) I don’t really believe that there is a superior race or gender.

Although, if there were, supposedly, a superior race, the most economically and socioeconomically superior race would be that of Asians; they’re much more likely to earn higher education, have higher income, and the least likely to commit crime (Education). Moreover, White women have the same wage profiles (i.e., expected wages for every age) as Black men; so, would this suppose that White men are superior to White women, too?

My point here isn’t to  attempt to pick a way to measure “ethnic superiority “, my point here is that those that I have seen make that case would not benefit from making it (from my two experiences, both the gentleman were White/Caucasian). But, again, I do not believe there is such a thing as a superior race; to me, it’s a very narrow minded perspective. People have different preferences, skills, and talents; those differences are what make us, as a people, so beautiful.

Finally, I can’t find any benefit in stating that one race is superior. Suppose there was one superior race and gender, what is to be gained from that? Ego? Pride? I take no pride in looking down on another; I take no solace from harming the feelings of another human being, let alone an entire group of people. Maybe there is some benefit, but I don’t know of any.